The Super SaaS

What is The Super SaaS?

What is The Super SaaS

This is a sales automation tool that automates the three components of sales:
  1. 1.
    Finding the right leads
  2. 2.
    Writing the right messages
  3. 3.
    Contacting the leads

What makes Super SaaS different?

There's three things that set us apart:
Finding the right leads
  • We do real-time searches, ensuring that the data (like contact info or profile details) are as fresh as possible. Most other tools rely on databases. We find people, locations, companies, etc. when you actually request these searches.
  • We find types of leads that many other platforms do not. For example, we find retailers that a lot of our merch + F and B brands see success in reaching out to. These are physical location companies that are not your typical business professionals that Apollo,, etc. find.
  • We combine the best of various lead discovery tools. For example, many email discovery tools like or use different methodologies for discovering lead emails. Because they all have APIs, we can link them to work together. If a lead's email can't be found with one tool, we try another, and then another. This leads to greater discovery matches than any tool can do alone.
Writing the right messages
  • We truly personalize outreach. Instead of relying on slightly modified templates, like "Hi {NAME}", our AI personalizes the outreach message to every lead depending on their profile, background, occupation, location, etc. No two messages are ever exactly the same.
Contacting Leads
  • In terms of outreach, we automate cross-platform. Automating cold emails has been done, but that's not what sets us apart. Our Instagram outreach DMs are unique and we're the first to do it. Instagram outreach can be uniquely effective as its a much less saturated channel than email.
  • You can combine sequences across platforms. E.g. Send an email first and if the lead doesn't respond in 7 days, followup with an Instagram DM.